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Artistic Souls

Founded in 2018, Lalita’s Ceramic Studio is a community of artists and students working side-by-side in a friendly environment that encourages and inspires artistic growth. We believe everyone has an artist inside them, looking to express himself and we want to help you find your artistic voice. Each and every one of our artists has experience in the studio and in the classroom meaning you get not only teachers with great art technique, but also great teaching technique too. Studio rentals and educational programs are also available upon request with prior reservation. Please get in touch today to learn more about our offerings.

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Ceramic Collection


for on going classes and membership/ retuned customers

Ceramic wheel hiring    $ 5/ hour ( including tools use) 

Technician hiring           $ 23/ hour (1 to 1)

Up to two students, can share tuition fee 

Clay.                                $5 /kg

For one off try class

$79 per person 1 piece of ceramic

$93 per person 2 pieces of ceramics

Under glaze( colour + transparent glaze) :

Tiny one free for members every sides less than 1.5 cm  (limited 2 items per time)

Small $10, every length less than 5cm

medium $15, every length less than 10cm

large $20, every length less than 15cm

super big $29. Every length less than 20cm

Oversized or Only one fire by one time $57--120


You are welcome to bring your own glaze.

Bring your own glaze—free . Also free to use tools and studio space. 

If use mine depends on the artwork size. Colors choose is limited.

Tiny one free for members every sides less than 3cm  (limited 3 items per time)

Small $3, every length less than 5cm

medium $5, every length less than 10cm

large $9, every length less than 16cm

super big $18 every length less than 20cm

Oversized or Only one fire by one time $30--120

One layer shelf in the kiln $40

Fire artwork in the kiln:

Tiny one free for members every sides less than 2cm (limited 3 items per time)

Small $5, every length less than 5cm

medium $9, every length less than 10cm

large $14, every length less than 15cm

super big $23. Every length less than 25 cm

Oversize or Only one fire by one time $55--120

returned customer with big quantity:

23 dollars for one level in the kiln  bisque fire . I will put as much art works as I can. (not high than 15 cm )

25 dollars for one level in the kiln  glaze fire . I will put as much art works as I can. ( not high than 15 cm )

80 dollars for the whole kiln load bisque fire.

90 dollars for the whole kiln load one fire for glaze fire. I will put as much  art works as I can.

Volume: 29cm*29cm*70cm≈0.07m³including kiln shelf and shelf holders

Appointment needed, not accept walk in. 

No lockers, no storage. Please don’t leave your belongings at here. Please park your car on street parking.

11years old + .    No classes for young kids.   Do not bring baby! not safe environment for your baby)  Studio is small, maximum capacity for 12 people. If you bring your kid, please insure one parent with ONE teenager KID. 

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The process of how to fire your clay work

For something made in the studio

" The firing price list is on the website, please check the price depending on the clay work size then decide which ones you want to fire, which one you want to take home. the clay work can be stored in the studio one month after made maximumly. After one month will be discarded if nobody collected them.

The price depends on the size before first fire, the size measurements will do before firing. Please be noticed that there is 10-16% shrinkage for each fire depending on different clay. You are welcome to come and watching the technician measure the clay work BEFORE the first fire. After the payment and the signed declaration arrived the technician will fire the clay works. No refund available by any reason after fire.

There are twice fire for each art work. First bisque fire, second time glaze fire. The price is for one fire only. We will not measure again before glaze fire.

The finished artwork can be stored in Lalita's studio two months maximumly. After two months the artwork will be discarded if nobody collect them. Please remember to take your artwork home after the firing.

Thanks for your understanding.

However for fire the clay work from outside my studio is a bit complicated process. Only because it's an unknown clay, you will need to find the original clay bag or instruction book to show how high degree of the kiln will suit the clay. As different clay needs different temperature. Or cone range ( how fast the temperature increase). Wrong temperature can cause problems. Also we need to use the same clay to do a test fire before your artwork. Sometimes maybe ok, but sometimes the results shows that my kiln cannot fire some clay. ( also the cone range is important)You have to take the risk by yourself. Even the test or the fire failed you still need to pay the firing fee. Also depends on the artwork as well. Some people do a big solid sculpture, that can not be fired at all. If it's a sculpture need to be hollow/ air-corn one. I need to see the clay work in different case to know we can fire or not. So fire some clay work which made outside of my studio Can be a bit complicated.

What is the basic process of a ceramic piece?

hire a wheel---wheel throwing (make the clay body) ---dry few days---first fire( bisque fire)----glaze or /under glaze( draw on the ceramic)--dry few days----second time glaze fire----done


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We offer various classes in different mediums that are available for all levels. Now is the perfect time to get started! Learn more about our classes below to find one that fits what you’re looking for.

Pottery Wheel


Get your hands dirty with a fun and interactive Independent Studio class today. All students love Independent Studio and feel extremely accomplished after leaving. Class sizes are kept small in order to ensure each participant gets enough attention from the instructor. Independent Studio class is also a great way to mingle and meet other local artists in the west Auckland community.

Wheel Throwing


We can’t all be a modern Picasso, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give Wheel Throwing a shot. All of our classes focus on the process, rather than the end result of art. Here, we consider that each piece of art created is an honest masterpiece. Call us today to find out more. Spaces are limited, so it’s best to act fast!

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15 Cognac Place, Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand


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